2011 Don Smith

2012 Connie Brown

2013 Betty Flowers

2014 Clara Harper



Ninety-year old Clara Harper, who is our oldest volunteer, was awarded the Volunteer of the Year for 2014. This was awarded to her on February 28, 2015, at Holly Tree Chapel, during our annual Appreciation Banquet. Clara has volunteered at Hawkins Helping Hand over 13 years, working mostly in our Thrift Store, selling household merchandise. Always friendly and warm with a big smile, her presence brings happiness to those she meets. We hope that she will be able to volunteer for a long time to come.  

Thanks Clara for being you!

2015 Tommie Reinhardt

2016 Earlene Martin

Earlene may be found in the women's clothing section, especially on Thursday

filling the $5.00 clothing bags.

2017 Marvin Clark

Instrumental in the developmenmt, equiping and stocking of the new furniture shop, Marvin helps out now with the testing of all electrical donations received.

2018 Robert Turner Family