Money Donations

  • Monetary donations of any amount are always welcome. They help with our operation, the food bank, and our emergency projects.
  • Is your civic group looking for a project?
  • Have you considered making a lasting difference by listing us in your will?


Food Donations

We are currently accepting food donations as listed below:

  1.  Corn Bread Mix
  2. Cake Mix (any Brand)
  3. Canned vegetables.
  4. Canned meats.
  5. Potatoes.
  6. Fresh produce from your garden is always appreciated by our clients.


Merchandise Donations

We accept any item that has some life left in it.

Some of the items may be re-purposed from the original intent, but keep in mind if you will not take it into your home, our clients will not either.

Totally useless furniture, appliances or clothing must be discarded, and the costs of disposal takes away from our other services. Please do not include trash with your donations.


Please do not leave them at Hawkins Helping Hand, as we must then pay for the disposal, using money from our food bank resource.


Our Sponsor List

Here are some of the indiduals and organizations who have seen the benefit of being part of the Hawkins Helping Hand effort:   Click on red entries to see web site for that organization.